Data Preloading

Data Preloading Service

More than just storage - U-Style USB Flash drives are a viable option to distribute a variety of media. We offers a range of data services to fit your company''''s needs. We can simply load your materials or provide additional usability and security features. For fastest service, we accept hard copy DVD''''s, CD''''s and USB drives. We also accept archives in .ZIP, .RAR, and .ISO. You can use our convenient attachments service to send us these archives. 

U-Style offers:
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Product catalogues
  • PDF brochures
  • Pictures
  • Software
  • Company websites
  • Videos
  • Electronic Vouchers     

data preloading servicesData Preloading Services
U-Style USB  can preload files or marketing materials onto your custom USB flash drive for your end users. Whether you just want documents such as Microsoft Office files, presentations, PDFs, or images preloaded, or you want full applications / installation executables, we can ship your custom USB flash drive with your content already stored. Preloading is also available for individual client data like medical, legal or financial documents.


                                                      USB Auto run  
Auto Run
Ensure that your user is views your preloaded materials with file AutoRun. External URLs, applications, presentations, movie clips, and more can be automatically launched as soon as your flash drive is connected to a user''''s computer. AutoRun is not available in consumer grade flash drives, but USB Promos provides this option for all of our USB drive models.


 Secure Partition Services                                   
Secure Partition Services
Protect your preloaded data from accidental deletion with our partition service. U-Style will divide your drive into two or more areas ("partitions") – one for your data, and one for your end user''''s files. Data preloaded in a separate partition cannot be erased even if the drive is formatted.
We can even password protect your partition to give users access to certain preloaded data with a predetermined    password.This allows you to make sensitive data available to select users while still freely distributing your USB Flash Drives.

hidden or locked contentLocked/Hidden Content

 U-Style can lock down certain preloaded content on your drive by partitioning it off as if it were an optical drive.This content can also be made hidden, making these files invisible to the end user.



custom iconsCustom Icons

Customize your USB Flash Drive''''s standard OS icon with your company imagery. Custom Icons make a lasting visual impression whenever a user plugs in your USB Flash Drive.